Gravity Drops

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 8390)

Your class will begin by lying on the floor with their legs in the air, heels to the ceiling. Have them support themself with their hands on the floor to their sides. When you tell them to, have them roll forward bringing their legs almost to the floor (but not touching) and contract their abs. Hold for a spilt second and then roll back down. Continue this movement for about ten reps continuously. Then ask them to hold in the up position and with their feet together lift up three inches and down three inches repeatedly. Then ask them to rock again in that original motion. After about ten reps have them come up and hold (by now they are in pain) you can have them repeat the up and down movement or ask then to challenge themself by flutter kicks. Ask them to do ten more gravity frops as the first movment is called and when they come up to hold this time, have them rock side to side right and left to target the obliques.

This is a killer and beginners will tire almost immediately. If they practice these they will build their strength. Good luck and email me with questions.

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