No Cruch Ab Workout

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 8395)

Equipment: Swiss Ball

On a mat, have your participants get in the "plank position". You are face down, your body is supported in this position by your hands on the mat, arms straight and shoulder width apart, and swiss ball underneath your hip/thigh area. Legs are straight out. Your body is completely straight facing down.


Slowly raise your body up by "hunching" your back, using your abdominal muscles to do this. Shoulders and back are worked as secondary muscle groups. The swiss ball will roll down your legs right below your knees. Straiten back to start position.

Start with two sets of 8 or 12 and can work up to four sets.


Slowly raise your body up the same way as level I except bring your legs all the way in and bringing your knees into your chest, so the swiss ball is under you shins and feet. Keep in mind, your arms are supporting you the whole time.


Same as level II, except bring knees into your torso slightly to the right, finish set and alternate to the left.

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