Aerobic Body Sculpt 5

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Step is horizontal - bpm no more than 118-120 - equipment needed: 3 and 5 pound weights, spri ankle band and a small mat (I keep the 3's on hand because the 5's tend to get heavy after awhile and if they need to pyramid down, the weight is there).

Warm Up:

Repeat all left lead and go into stretches for upper and lower body

Place bands around ankles, place mat on floor, get into push up position and begin with 24 push ups off the step

Lay over step so elbows are on floor and hips and abs are on the step, knees are on the mat, begin with right leg and do 16 hamstring curls, 3 hold and 1 down, (4x) and then 8 single hamstring curls. Repeat push ups and then hamstring work on the left leg.

Standing Position: Bands on ankles

To the step: Tempo is pitched 118 - holding 1 pair 5 pound weights in right hand - foot positioned as in a lunge 24 one arm rows, repeat other lead.

5 pound weights - one in each hand. I teach footwork first and then add the weights. Biceps:

(push & pull: count 1 & 2 extend arms straight forward palms up, counts 3 & 4: bring the arms back in palms up squeezing shoulder blades together on the pull back. Repeat from L-step left lead same arms I usually do at least 8 full sets each side

Repeat from biceps

Clock Lunges:

Go to left end of step, place right foot on step, left foot on floor and feet should be in a wide plie position toes pointed out. Begin:

I then repeat all from the top - finish with standing oblique arrow pulls and abdominals followed by a 10-15 minute stretch.

Our legs were shaking by the time we finished this class.

IMPORTANT: If you have clients that are not used to weight work or are very uncoordinated, start them out using NO WEIGHTS. I have a very advanced class and a very strong class. But if I get someone new, they use no weights until I can work with them on proper form.

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From: Murdock, Florida (USA)
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