Smooth Vertical

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Benches are vertical; Start on left side of bench leading right. Fairly advanced stepping required.

left *  right

Combo 1:

This is a double knee walk around back of bench to left side and over the top leading left. I cue this "double knee walk around 4,3,2,1 over the top."

Repeat from the top leading left until they nail both sides then add:

Combo 2:

You are again on the left side of bench leading right.

Combo 3:

Combo 4:

Leading right again

Combo 5:

Once again on left side leading right. (I throw this in to give them a quick mental break.)

Combo 6:

Leading right

** I cue this Step knee back back back knee up up up 3,2,1 (this is a triple knee on bench again) So its a Step knee march back 3 single knee march up 3 step up triple knee and off into the 3 A's. I always run through this part facing front before adding the A's.

All of these combos flow smoothly into each other. I usually run through entire thing from the top and once they've nailed it I do sets of squats. From the left side I squat knee lift 8 times; Squat side leg 8 times; squat ham curl 8 times. Then I repeat that and take it into pulse squats for 8 and over the bench. Gradually reducing the pulse squats X4, X2 and then single count over the bench. This will land us on right side of the bench leading left and ready to do the entire class from the top and ending with the squat sets leading left.

A terrific workout.
Email with questions and I will try to help you out! Thanks to everyone for all of the great combinations. Thought it was payback time.

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From: Rochester, New York (USA)
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