YOGA ~ for toning or cool down ~ WIND RELEASE Part II

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HI! I posted the first part of a yoga asana (pose) that is great for toning and cooling down. It's a nice way to flow and connect floor work to the cool down. WELL after receiving many emails about adding yoga I am giving you the second part of the WIND RELEASE ASANA. I teach aerobcis and yoga (mainly yoga these days).

Continuing the WIND RELEASE from where I left off: Here's the set up: you are lying on your back in a corpse pose. Your left leg is extended straight and on the floor your right leg is straight directly above the right hip, the band is around your right foot and the band is held in the right hand. THAT'S WHERE WE LEFT OFF. Now, place the band in the left hand. The right arm will extend from the shoulder and onto the floor. Lift the right hip high off the floor and using the band guide the right leg over towards the left, try to get the right leg on the floor on the left side. This will place the body in a full twist. This asana is not recommended for people with serious back of neck problems. Now cue the class to use the breath and inhale strength and exhale the right shoulder back onto the ground. The right hand and arm should be extended out from the should and on the floor on the right side. The class will lift their shoulders as they go towards the left. Cue them to exhale the right shoulder to the ground. Stay for 3 breaths and return the right leg above the right hip. Remove the band and hug the knees to the chest. Rock the back side to side and relax. To the same on the left starting with WIND RELEASE from the previous post.

THINGS TO WATCH FOR: Students will place stress and tension in places that should not have stress like in the jaw, fingers, toes and the brow. Cue them to relax these areas often. NAMASTE, Sandra


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