"Shuffle" On By

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8458)

Begin with left lead

*Part I is easy to teach: 2x knee travel/8 count walk around bench...then layer by demonstrating a knee, walk back, knee (floor) walk up and continue to walk the 8 count circle around the bench. Finally, after walking the second knee back, demo the shuffle around the bench instead of the walk. (By now we've probably all done this, eh?).

**Part 2 can be broken down as such: You can do 2 pushes on the bench and then kick travel for an 8 count alternating move...Once they have it cue for one push, kick 'n travel but march the 5678 in place (it still alternates)...Once they have this, cue that the 7,8 count will go to the top...(face side wall here)..alternate your lunges for as long as you'd like until you're (they're) ready to take the next cue for "seven more lunges" (staying on the phrase of course) then tap down home side or even straddle the bench...reduce when they have all the options and directional changes down.

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