Leslie L'2 1/24/01

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 8482)

Step is horizontal. When direction is confusing I will use North, South, East and West.

These can be strung together at the end-just don't repeat the combo on the left foot, go to the next combo instead. You just need an odd number of combos so you can go through the whole thing starting on the left foot.

Combo 1

Repeat from heels-left lead

Combo 2

Repeat all from 4 turns-left lead

Combo 3

**You can hop turn across and back if you want
Repeat on left

Combo 4

Combo 5

Repeat on left from corner curls

To string them all together: Do each combo single lead-do not do both leads. Combo 1 starts on right lead (corner heels). Combo 2 starts on left lead (turns). Combo 3 starts on right lead (stutter mambo). Combo 4 starts on left lead (corkscrew). Combo 5 starts on right lead (corner curls). Repeat all from left lead

**Stomp bench 2x with right foot (4) right foot steps wide on floor (5) left foot crosses over front (mambo) and right foot lifts slightly (6) right foot back down (7) left steps back wide (8)

**Up up (from end) left up (1), right up (2), stomp down left, right foot raises (3) right foot steps back to bench (4), left foot steps up to bench (5), right foot stomps floor and left foot raises (6) left foot steps back to bench (7), right foot back to bench (8)

Let me know if you have any questions. Most of the moves have been covered before. Thanks everyone.

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