Advanced Fun Stepping with power moves

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 8484)

Step is horizontal and all combinations are in a block of 32 counts. Each combination begins on the right leg and automatically lead to the left leg.

Block 1:

This combination is repeated on the left leg facing the back wall which later leads to face the front wall when you switch.

Block 2:

(This block is a little different but highly energetic )

After the final knee up do not straddle the step again and come down down on the same side and take up the whole sequence on the left starting with the power march.

Block 3:

#1 Switch: In Block 1 the switch starts with the left leg. Begin by placing the left leg on the step after the turn with the stomp. Body will be angled in the right direction. After placing the left leg on top the right leg hops and lands over on the the other side of the step from behind. In a hop turn we turn our body from the front, but in a switch body is turned from behind. Remember to ask your students to unload their knees on the hop. After the switch you go down down and you get the other lead leg; and in this instance the right leg.

#2 Horseshoe variation: A normal horseshoe with the right leg lead is a turn straddle turn which ends with a tap and gives the left leg lead. In this horseshoe variation you go for a turn straddle turn and instead of the tap you add another straddle which keeps you on the right leg lead itself and you are in the down down position of the straddle on the count of 8.

#3 Knee Repeater variation: This is a varation of the simple knee repeater. Starting with the right leg lead you place the right leg on top of the step (count 1),the left leg goes for a knee up (count 2) then the left leg goes down on the same side for a run the right leg goes down to the other side of the step for a run and one more run on the left leg (like a cha cha cha) (count 3&4) Then place right on top of step again (count 5), left leg goes for a knee up (count 6) and down down on the same side with left and right leg (count 7&8). This will give you the left lead leg.

This is the first time I am submitting a pattern. I hope you guys enjoy it. Please mail if you have queries or want to know further how to break it down. Comments are welcome so do write in.

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