No planning needed-a full 1 hour class

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 9587)

This is a really tough class because you are working several muscle groups at one time. I haven't really stated an amount because each class is different so just do however many they can handle:


Repeat other leg and arm

(Skate: rubberband around ankle, step out wide and do hamstring curls, V press back: arms up like you are going to do an overhead press, now drop elbows down and back, from this point just squeeze shoulder blades together by pressing elbows towards one another) Skate/V Press Back

Lie on bench with shoulders, neck and head, hanging off the end of the bench, do not let your head, neck or shoulders "fall back" you must keep your abs and back contracted to keep you from dropping your head below the bench. Crunches feet toward ceiling:

Sit on very end of bench, lean back slightly rest hands on bench, keep legs at a 90 degree angle tap feet to floor, pull knees in, tap out, pull in, now pull knees in and straight leg tap heels on floor, pull knees in straighten and tap. Bicycle legs alternate between slow and fast

I hope this was easy to understand. If not, please feel free to email me and I will do my best to explain it better. I hope this will give you a day off from planning classes! Anyone who would like to do the same for me I would love to have an entire class planned for me too! This is a fun class to do but watch form really close! They tend to get poor form sometimes when they are working more than 1 thing! Plus, that is an excuse to walk around and give your muscles a well deserved break too! I love this site! Thank you all for your ideas!

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