Amazing Abs

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 9599)

Before I begin abs I use these few little tricks to get everyone in the correct position.

First I bring them into the "crunch" position. Second I make them do a pelvic tilt, and tell them to check to see if they can get their hands under the small of their backs.

Then I have them make a fist. Placing the pinky end of the fist on the center of the collarbone...I have them rest their chins on the thumb side of the fist.

I use music that is 125 or slower.....funk tapes work great because they are mostly at 110....I tell them "slower is better"...

Ten different sets works, rectus, obliques, lower and transverse.

First set (2 count) Shoulder lift and release 2 sets of 8

Second set (4 count) 2 count up/2 count down
**Shoulder lift/forward curl** 8 xs

Third set (4 count) same as the second set...but you hold one beat, and release on one beat. 8xs

Remind them to exhale on the top through the through the nose on the way down.

Fourth set (4 count)
Shoulder lift/pivot right/turn center/take it down 8xs

Fifth set (4 count) one set of 8
Same as above but you pivot left

Sixth set (4 count) 2 sets of 8
Same as set (four and five) alternating right then left

Seventh set (2 count) 2 sets of 8
taking out the middle section of the pivot curl.
Lifting pivot right--lifting pivot left.

Eight set (2 count) 2 sets of 8
Basic crunches......make them check that chin to fist!!!!!

Ninth set (2 count) 2 sets of 8
Reverse crunches

Tenth set (2 count) 2 sets of 8

Put a folk in're done!!!!!

Please email me with any question....

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