Sit Back An Feel Those Abs Burn!

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 9602)

This is an advanced ab exercise and the saftey cues should be highly stressed :)

Sit on the floor with legs bent, heels on the floor toes up

Have members place hands in behind there thighs

Slowly lean back - as far as is comfortable - and release arms so they are out to either side (like you are about to give someone a big hug)

Abs are tight and head MUST stay back so the the neck is aligned with the spine!

After about 10 seconds EVERYONE should feel it! I usually have the class hold for 2 sets of 30 seconds or, if I feel the class is advanced enough, 1 set of 60 seconds. I will let them be aware that quivering abs that puff up a bit is expected.

Obliques can be worked with this exercise. Instead of arms out wide, bring arms into chest (as if you are about to throw some punches) and turn upper body to the right, center, left, center, etc. You can hold right to center and back, then left to center and back etc. Have fun with it :)

Any Q's please do email me! ENJOY :)

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