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This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9607)

I saw this one in Shape magazine. My participants were groaning and moaning by the end of the routine. You really feel it!

Start with elbows bent and fists tight (cross your heart position) across chest. Feet shoulder width apart. Heels on ground, toes off ground. Bring head and shoulders off the mat.

Start with circular motions of the upper body going clockwise. Contract abdominals, keep neck relaxed, using your breathing. I tell my participants to imagine somebody punching you in the gut, so that your belly button contracts into your spine. Start Ten counts going clockwise, and then ten counts counterclockwise. Afterwards, hold in the middle, your spine is rounded in a C, just your head and shoulders are off the ground, reach hands in front straight, and hold 10 counts, then bring your arms straight above the head and count out slowly 10, 9 ,8 etc, lastly open arms to sides and hold 10 counts. By this time they are dying. Then I release slowly for four counts to the ground. I make them extend out arms and legs straight on the floor and breathe in and out slowly before I start my next set of abdominals.

As an instructor I have developed very strong abdominal muscles over the years as do some of my participants, and basic crunches are too boring so I am always looking for new and challenging abdominal routines. This one really made a difference. Start with four counts if the participants cannot manage ten times. I noticed that some of my participants preferred to keep their hands behind their head in the traditional crunch position. You can make modifications to suit your clients' needs.

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