This one's simple, but it'll really make you work

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 9665)

As requested by my fellow instructor out's my contribution for the "short supply" we seem to be having.

The final combo looks like this:

Repeat to the other side.

Here's the breakdown:

Start with a basic step touch right/left,
Turn it into a double step touch right/left,
Turn that into a shuffle right/left.
(I usually cue that as "quick feet" or "3-2-1, switch." The last count gives you time for the direction change.)
You want them to keep in mind that this is a defensive move, to stay low, abs tight, guards up, feet wide, and keep it smooth.

Once they have that, add a cross to the side wall on that last count. Remind them to pivot on the back foot and turn into the cross. After they've done that for a while, add the hook and the uppercut with the same arm and take it to an 8 count combo from the 4 count combo.

I hope this gives you a little something to add to your class!

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From: Chandler, Arizona (USA)
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