Aussie Steppin Sunday Afternoon

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Hi everyone
Have read so much great stuff over the last few days, it's amazing how these ideas come to us all.

Well once again I've borrowed tons of ideas and put them together for my class this Sunday. I will firstly teach each block on both sides then cut it down to 32 count block going from A to D and then starting again on the left lead. Hope you enjoy !

Board is vertical.


Repeat left


Repeat left


Repeat left


Repeat left

* Quick funky knee = step up right left. 1-2 tap down right and lift the right knee twice 3-6 step off the board (other side) right left 7-8.

** Squat Step = I sort of just thought of this last night. I'm sure someone must have already invented this. Step up up right left 1-2 then the right leg lunges or squats to the right side of the board slowly 3-4 step the right leg back onto the board and hold 5-6 and step off the side you squatted 7-8. ### Now level two can do a pendulum back onto the board 5-6 and then step off normal 7-8.

**** X-step is a really just 2 straddles. step up and straddle forward with the right leg 1-4 up and straddle again backward 5-8 ### Now this will leave you in the straddle position, to get out of this simply do you first hopscotch right leg up and left leg hopscotch over.

Hope this all makes sense, hope you all have a great weekend. Keep smiling and keep fit !

Rgds Claire
Any Q's Please email me.

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From: Townsville (Australia)
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