Step Right Up III

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 9675)

Hi All

These patterns are advanced, tapless, 64 counts and self-reversing. Assumes a right lead

Combo I

Total count 64

***Walk over step, is just that, right foot up, left foot up, right foot down on floor, left foot down on floor (the step is now behind you). You will have your back to the step.

Combo II

Total count 64

*** Split repeater rocking horse, is actually a move I "borrowed" from Paradise's 24th, pattern #9004 but I modified for my tastes. Here's mine, and check out Carole's if you have a chance. Right foot on step, left knee repeats 2 times, left foot returns to floor (4) right heel taps on step (2), left curl, right knee, left curl (6), both feet to floor(2), 1 jumping jack on floor (2), total 16 counts. Thanks Carole.

**** Corner knee, knee, knee, is just a tapless corner to corner diagonal on step. Corner to corner knee (4), outside knee (2), inside knee (2).

****Over the top, knee, is just a tapless over the top.

Enjoy and email me with questions.

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From: Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
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