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This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 9668)

My first move in all my blocks are "non-thinkers".
Start with a boxer shuffle, turning your body to the right, with left foot forward/leading.

Block 1

Keeping the boxer shuffle

The rest of the moves are without the boxer shuffle

Repeat 1 times - Total (16)

Next move in the block would be broken down, or shown slowly at first.

Repeat 1 time - Total (16)

Last move takes us to the other side

NOTE - End the bob and weave facing the middle in order to start the block over again except on the right leg lead. Repeat on right side, with body facing left.

This is just an example of a block I could use. To build any block I put similar moves in place of these. For example:

Instead of the jab front, jab corner to corner combo I may use a block front (8) (elbow block in front of face) and a jab front/side (8) (jab front 1, jab left side with body now open and facing front 3, jab front 5, jab side 7). Again all with the boxer shuffle.

Instead of the double jab, double cross and slip (from move 2) I may use a jab, cross, jab, cross slip (8). Or hook, hook, uppercut, uppercut slip (8). Or jab, cross, hook, uppercut slip (8). Or any other combination that works.

For the third move (the more complex move) I may use one of several different combinations. Hook, uppercut, hook, upper, side kick, front kick (8) (left, right, left, right, kick right side, kick left front), or jab, jab, up, hook, knee, side round (8) (left, left, right, left, left knee up, right side round kick), or jab, cross, hook, hook, knee, knee (8) (left, right, left, right, then 2 right knees into the chest).

Other ways I may get the class to face the other side for the 4th move.

I hope this has helped in some way. At a minimum maybe it has given some combination ideas. Thank you all for the posting that you do.

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