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I'll come out of hiding. I taught a boxaerobic class 3 times a week about 2 years ago. Had a change and am now back to it 3 days a week. I have found that it is by far the best class I teach. I have the most fun. The participants have the most fun. I've also come to the conclusion that it is the best full body workout around. I teach everything including aqua (which is now my 2nd favorite!)

Here are a couple of things my students love. I may have submitted one of them 2 years ago? Can't remember.

Combo #1

Bring right shoulder to the mirror or the front of the room and jab for 8 or so then move the the cross jab for 8 or so. Change and jab/cross jab 4 each. Then move to 3 jabs/1cross. Do this until they all have the hang of it. Next, move it up with those 3 jabs/1 cross and shuffle back for the same count of 4 Continue! When I feel they have done enough I call to hold the football shuffle and we turn it around until the left shoulder is to the mirror and continue.

Combo #2

Start with right/left front jabs---move to right/left cross jabs---move to right left hooks. Do this on the double beat until they are comfortable. Cue front-cross-hook. When you feel they are comfortable Cue to take it to tempo and watch them have a blast. Some will be really focused and precise, others will crack up with no idea!!

Email me with questions. Hope it makes sense.

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From: Austin, Texas (USA)
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