Been a little while---SWEATY!

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Been a while since I've left a pattern but this was so much fun yesterday, I just have to share it!

Combo 1--

Repeat left

Combo 2--

Repeat left [I then repeat this with knee up straddle around, 7 ham repeater; ham straddle, superman repeater; side leg straddle, heel to hand repeater, etc.] Great flat out cardio section.

Combo 3--

Repeat left

Repeat left

We usually do at least 2 intervals at the end and then run the whole class before cooling down. [Class includes 30 minutes on the floor...combos and floor intervals. Email me if interested....]

At the end of class, I turned on a remix of "Mickey"--remember, from the 80s???? It was SO much fun! That's a way fast song and it was a great ending!

*Mambo get around--mambo and then shuffle step around the step to the back side.

*V step hop it--up, up (1,2) hop together (3) hop apart (4) hop together (5) kick lead foot (6) exit (7,8)

*Jackie Chan--3 knee repeater except, kick your legs front, side, front instead of knees.

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From: Corbin, Kentucky (USA)
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