Cardio Combos--sweating, different

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 9715)

I teach a class on Tuesdays called "Cardio Combos" it begins on the floor, includes step, intervals, come kickboxing like moves, etc.

Here's some stuff that has went over great!!!

Repeat left

Repeat left

Break for "floorwork":

Johnny on the spots:
2 Slow ham curls, 4 quick. (8) [Cue, slow, slow, 4,3,2,1] Do about 2 minutes of this.

Knee, knee, squat, turn, turn (8):
Pull your knee up twice, (1-4), squat, and full turn and back (5-8) I do 4 on each side, 3 sets through each side.

Kickin' sweat:
Step kick, step kick front (1-4)
Kick side and then march, march (5-8), repeat other leg. About 2 minutes or so of this.

Double knees, (1-4) side kick once to each side (5-8) Repeat left. I do about 2 minutes or so of this.

Then we do some lunges and squats...

Alternating front lunges, alternating back lunges, alternating front and back on same leg, lunge front pulse 3, lunge front pulse 7.

Plie squats single, pulse 3, pulse 7. Regular squats and then pulses.

Squat ALL THE WAY DOWN and come up half way, singles, hold, pulse...

It's torturous! Then we get on the step!!!

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From: Corbin, Kentucky (USA)
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