Body Movin'

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 9724)

Pattern #1:

So it would look like this:

Repeat sequence 8x -- talk about getting the heart rate up!

On the last set I always have the class do 8 crescents instead of 4. Use peppy music to move fast with -- Rockefeller Skank by Fatboy Slim is my favorite beat to this pattern.

Pattern #2:

Starting in the left fighting stance:

Double knee strike, front leg side kick, cross. Repeat 8x in both stances. For more fatigue, repeat 16x in both stances.

I cue as: knee, knee, side kick, cross. It moves quickly & fluidly and is fun to do with funky music.

Pattern #3:

Punching drills that keep up the heart rate:

Facing the front: right punch, left punch, right hook, left hook.

Repeat 8x. I cue as: jab, jab, hook, hook.

Then: right punch, left punch, right hook, left hook, right punch, left punch, right uppercut, left uppercut (turning torso). I cue this as: jab, jab, hook, hook, jab, jab, upper, upper. Repeat 16x. This movement is done quickly and fluidly.

Hope these patterns make sense. If anyone has questions, can email me.

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From: Abingdon, Virginia (USA)
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