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First I take my risers and stack them both together under one end of the step, then we lay with our heads to the lower end of the step. (don't worry, the blood doesn't all rush to your head at once ha ha) and then while we are on this decline, we begin to do crunches, this adds to the resistance of the actual crunch, and you feel this faster than just lying flat on the floor. After we do 3 sets of lower ab crunches this way, we then lift one leg and place the ankle on the opposite knee, and then stretch out the opposite arm for support. With one hand behind head, start workin the obliques. Crossing the shoulder to the opposite knee. Do three sets on each side, I usually pulse after each set. Then after doing the obliques, go back to the center and repeat crunches, for three more sets, then bring yourself up into a sitting position on the step, and turn to where your head is at the inclined side instead of the decline, and begin to do crunches this way. This is isolating the upper abdominals. Do three sets of crunches this way, and then climb the ladder or rope, whatever you call it. This should be a good change for people in your class. Have fun!!!!!

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