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Hi! I'd like to share something I've learned from a taekwondo blackbelter. I tell my students that if they're ever in a jam, it's time to take what they've learned in class out on the streets to defend themselves!! This is a good combination to use in defense against rapists, muggers and other low-life creeps...

First I warm them up with alternate straight punches. (as much as you wish) Then I instruct my class to do alternate knee strikes (palms out both arms in the air, elbows pull in towards the chest as you lift your knee up, but you all know that by now, don't you?)

Next comes alternate elbow smash, (with one hand wrapped around the other fist, facing center, rotate torso swinging the elbow towards the center) Demonstrate to target elbow towards face (slightly upward) or towards chest (elbow at shoulder height)

Now to combine:

Hands on guard, right foot lead, hands in the air, do a right knee strike as the right foot lands follow up with a right straight punch (4 counts)

Then quickly follow up with a left elbow smash to the face, followed by a quick right elbow smash to the chest (4 counts)

8 counts in all

Repeat this combination on right foot lead then left. Then do it double time. (combination becomes 4 counts)

To add more challenge add a 4 alternate back lunge shuffles (right,left,right,left) to make it a total of 8 counts.

Use this in class and wow your students. And if ever you're confronted, no more Mr. Nice Guy! Just show them who they're messing with!

Winnie Lim (confused? email me please)

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