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This pattern is very fun once you get the hang of it. They are basic steps, but advanced students seem to "get" it better. It is a 64 count pattern, but you must break it down first with several taps in between the backwards over and backwards 1/4 pivot before everyone gets the hang of it.

Bench is horizontal, start off with a left leading A-step.

From here, your right foot should be coming off the bench, then I do 2 turnsteps so that I can repeat combo on the other side starting with a right leading A-step.

**Backwards over is when you turn to look over your opposite shoulder and step down off the bench before you do an over. Ex: from the side leg: right foot is on top of bench, left leg is in the air for a side leg, then as your left leg comes down to the floor, look over your left shoulder, turn around left on the floor, then go over the bench.

***Backwards 1/4 pivot is the same as the backwards over. Ex: from a tap up: left foot is on bench, right foot comes up to tap up, then as right foot goes down to touch the floor, look over your right shoulder, turn around right on the floor before you do your 1/4 pivot.

I hope you enjoy!! Most of my students after getting the hang of it thought it was quite fun. But, it is extremely busy, and for those of you who enjoy a challenge.

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