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Here's a short pattern I did in a 30 minute step class Saturday. It's suitable for your intermediate steppers. Anything with an asterisk, see explanation below.

Part I

Part II

Now you're ready to do the whole thing on a left lead.

** hamstring off the tip -- from a straddle position, lead with your back leg and do a hamstring curl. While you're doing it, you need to add a little hop and spin toward the step so you go off the end of the step (the tip) and face the step. This sets you up for a basic on the tip.

** backward basic -- leading with your back leg (the one closer to the back of the room), go up up on the tip and face the front of the room on counts 1 and 2, then keep the same lead leg and go off off the back of the step so you're facing front, ready to go back up.

** squat and go -- facing the side of the room, one leg is on the step and the other on the floor in a wide squat. Counts 1,2 is a squat, then you immediately propel yourself over the step so your opposite leg is on the step on the other side. So it's squat, squat GO ACROSS, squat, squat, GO BACK UP and immediately go into the lunges. You go across on the AND count. E-me if this doesn't make sense.

Good luck! Happy stepping.

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