Easy & Effective 32

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9747)

Here's a 32 count block that moves quickly and gets your heart rate up.

Right lead, bench is horizontal.

Repeat left lead.

Details: Two step touches on top, right lead, do no exit board. Go directly into a double knee (step right foot on the board (count 1) - at the same time you are turning your body to face the right wall, lift the left knee (count 2), tap the left foot down on the north side of bench (count 3), lift the left knee (count 4). Exit/down (on the north side of bench, still facing right wall) left foot (count 1), right foot (count 2), one jack (counts 3&4). Over the top (4 counts). Rocking horse (ham/knee/ham) in the right corner - 8 counts. Repeat left lead.

To intensify the rocking horse: Left lead at right corner: Step left on board (count 1), curl right leg (count 2), step right leg over right corner of bench (sort of on a diagonal - count 3), kick left leg back (count 4), step left leg on board (count 5), lift right knee (count 6), step down right then left (counts 7&8).

After I do this pattern a few times I have them hold the rocking horse for about 8 times. This really gets their heart rates going and works their legs good. Then I repeat the pattern and hold the rocking horse at the opposite corner.

Thanks to all who contribute to this awesome site!
Hope this pattern works for you.


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