This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 9761)

I love to do this towards the end of my class - I usually speed up the music and do a lot of quick punching and drills. I throw this in after a series of punching and drills when they are starting to fry - this puts them right over the top:

Do this a couple of times and speed it up to 321SHOT! Get low when you punch and make them yell the "SHOT" part.

Take this whole drill down to a flurry, then-
Flurry down for 3 slow counts... Uppercut on count 4 (alternating arms) (3-2-1-CUT!) Speed it up after running through a few times - 321CUT! Again, make them scream the CUT.

Now put it all together:

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From: DePere Wisconsin (USA)
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