Workin' the Bag

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I've so enjoyed all the wonderful patterns here that I felt it time to give back a bit. I teach a combination cardio/bag class and am fortunate enough to teach at a school where we have bags for all our students. However, this combo could work just as well as a line drill with a couple bags or take it off the bag and incorporate into a rhythmic routine.

Put your back to the bag with right leg in front, left leg in back (left leg is closest to bag)

**A Switch is when you jump and bring your opposite leg forward, thereby "switching" your stance.

***For those who prefer to work rhythmically I have included counts (these are counts, not number of repetitions). I usually start rhythmically then encourage students to pick up the tempo - dropping 2 count moves down to one count with the arms and switches which does not have to match the music.

Reverse stance and repeat on other side - I usually throw in a center combination between, for example:

Facing bag

Use however many counts you feel your class can handle.

Warming Up: Have the class practice palm heels to the bag, turn around and place their backs to the bag and practice elbows and hammerstrikes back left and right.

To Build: Have the students add one strike at a time, work just the arm combination, then do just the legs. I would add one kick at a time practicing the leg combination alone. Then I would put the whole combination together arms and legs.

Any questions, feel free to email me.


June in Maine, USA

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From: Harrison, Maine (USA)
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