Abs for 2

This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9779)

You'll need a partner and one mat. One person lays on the mat with kness bent and feet flat on the floor. The 2nd person places their hands on the feet of the person who is laying on the mat. In so doing, not only is this person holding their partner's feet in place so they can do 'military situps'***but they are also working their own abs by putting themselves in the 'plank position'.***

***Military situps: One can cross their hands on their chest for comfort or they can place their unlocked hands behind the head...elbows wide...and do a situp towards their knees or if they can only go halfway up then that's okay...as long as they don't swing back and forth with their backs flying off the mat. It's all about control...they may do as many as they can safely in one minute or more.

***Plank position: Usually this is done with the body in a push-up position but with the elbows on the floor. It's the same effect in this routine except your hands will be holding someone's feet in place while you're in the push-up stance. One may get tired and release themselves of the plank by resting their knees to the floor (preferably on a towel or soft surface) but they can still help their partner finish their ab workout by continuing to hold their feet.

I really enjoy this workout. It helps motivate one another and it keeps everybody working the same area at the same time but in different positions. Cool, huh? I hope so!

Contact me if you have any questions or comments! I thank everyone for all of their submissions and so does my class!


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