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Hi again. Here's another advanced step pattern. I've been working on creating advanced patterns that are challenging but not so complicated that I lose alot of the new folks that come to my class. It's tapless, self-reversing. I think it's fun and my classes seem to too.

Hope you and your classes like it too. Feel free to email questions.


Knee Straddle * Jazz Square: Right knee straddle as usual (4), step on left foot again (still on floor) (5), bring right leg over step and cross it over the left leg and step down right foot outside of left foot (6), step back slightly with left foot on floor beginning to turn to face NE (7), step down right close to east end of step. Voila! Jazz square. Make it big. I usually begin by having everyone knee straddle up and off the back--same count and effect. Then I show the jazz square as an option for the folks who are ready for more.

Shuffle Corner: Just as it sounds. I usually begin by having everyone just march to other side of bench and then eventually show the shuffle as a more intense option. Somehow people get confused when I start out with the shuffle instead of the march.

Skate * Over Around * Jack: One skate left (chug) on North side of bench (2), over around (1/2 revolving door) to South side of bench coming down to face East (3,4,5,6), jack facing east (7,8).

Long Turn * Grapevine Back: Long turn--Up left, right as in regular turn(2), step left foot to floor at east end of step in back of right foot (3), step out to the east with right foot WIDE and lift left foot in readiness for grapevine (4). Grapevine back (with right hamstring curl on the end) toward west end of step (5,6,7,8). The Long Turn needs to be LONG to have enough space for a adequate grapevine.

Corner Kick: enough said.

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