Keep Away

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After playing "Tag" from the latest aqua submission that I read, it made me think of other "kid" games that might be fun to try during part of class. So, I came up with "Keep Away". Divide your class into 2 teams. One at one end, the other at the opposite end. You will be the REFEREE. Take a ball (any size will do...I used a medium size beach ball) to the center of the pool and hold it. The object is for each team to accumulate points by getting the ball to the opposite end of the pool from where they begin. At least one team member must have the ball in his/her possesion when he/she touches the wall. If an opposing team member touches the ball, it changes to his/her possesion and will be going towards the opposite wall.

When you say go, the first person to the ball (you let it go when they get close and get out of the way) tries to get it to the opposite end he/she came from, and can toss it to other team members to keep it away from the opponent's touch. Each time one team gets it to their goal end, they receive a point. The team with the most points in the allotted time wins.

I did this after warm-up and 15 minutes of light cardio work. They played for about 15 minutes and were worn out! Only scoring 2 to 1, because I allowed time for getting to the pool ends and a little recovery. They were laughing like kids and started teasing each other about their competitiveness! After that, we finished with some weights and cooldown/stretch. Any questions, email. Have fun.

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