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O.K. You're laying on the mat thinking "What am I going to do for abs today?" Everyone is waiting in classic crunch position. Here's a few ideas.

1) Change focus to Transverse Abdominus: Transverse Abdominus pulls the abdominals IN. We can all understand the usefullness of this! Have everyone take it up into an isometric hold at the top and suck the navel to spine and release. Exhale when pulling navel to spine. Stress pressing down thru the navel and tighting up the "seat belt" (lower abs). Educate them on what abdominal muscles do what while they are performing this. Then when doing regular rectus abdominus work stress also incorporating Transverse Abd. by continuing to pull navel to spine and keep seat belt tight throughout the rest of the ab workout.

2) Place right foot ON left knee. Many people cross the ankle and this is not what I am talking about. I say "Make a footprint on your knee" so that they get the idea. Sometimes I walk around and help with this hands on. Then while crunching, begin to lift left foot off the floor slightly and add resistance by pushing with right foot into left knee. It's tough, believe me. You can make it as hard as you desire! Add tempo variations. Navel to spine. Seat belt tight. You got it!

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