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With the population I teach, we don't have a lot of really "dance-y steppers". Wish we did.

SO, to compensate, I have to have simple classes that make everyone sweat! hence, the "sweat series!" hahaha

By the way, I am SO bored with my own intervals. Can someone send me some good ones???


Step combo 1--

Repeat left

Step combo 2--

Repeat left

Step combo 3--

Repeat left

Step combo 4--

Repeat left

*Karate kick--step right, kick left, walk back left, right (1-4) step left, kick out to the side right (on count 6) and step back to the bench (7-8). Does not change lead.

**Shooter--up, up like a basic, lunge back right, left and exit.

***2 Knees and walk it--side approach. Step onto the step with your right foot and do 2 knees (1-4) then walk around the small end of the step to the other side. (5-8)

****Hamcurl front and back--step right and curl left, exit left and right (1-4), turning to the back of the room and step left and curl right (facing back of room) [curl on 6] and then turn back to step (7-8).

*****Revolving door--over the top, turn towards the step, and over the top, turn towards the step. (8 coutns)

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From: Corbin, Kentucky (USA)
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