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Hi everyone! Hi Irene!
The following combos are 32 counts and self-reversing.
Step is horizontal.

Combo 1

Repeat left leading.

Combo 2

Repeat left leading.

Combo 3

Repeat left

Repeat left

* Switch curl (assuming right leading) Right up on the step left curls behind/over (so you'll end up facing back), down down. Now switch feet on the floor so that the left leads and right curls behind/over the box. That's 2 switch curls and it's an 8 count move!

** Travelling knees, one knee on the box, one on the floor, back on the step, repeater knee! 16 (This is instead of going corner to corner)

**** TURNSQUAT. Same as a turnstep, the only thing you do is add a squat in the middle for 2, turn your body as you step off. 8 counts. I cue it like so, up up wide on the box, squat for 2 and off.

Any Q's, please email me, otherwise have an awesome workout!


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From: [originally from Yugoslavia] (New Zealand)
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