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I have a class where I combine Step with Kickboxing...the members really love it! I keep the routines fairly simple because most of my Aerobic Kickboxing fans are not regular steppers. I usually do 1/2 hour of Step and 1/2 hour of bag workout:

Vertical step

You should be ready to do the whole thing starting with the left foot!

For BPM, I like to keep it to 128 BPM so everyone can use full range of motion on the kicks.

Combo 1: I generally break the more difficult parts of the patterns down. For this first block, I start with 8 counts of basics and 8 counts of Up Taps with the jabs and break it down from there. For the round kicks on the floor, I will have them all hold on doing just the kicks on the floor for 8 to 16 counts, then get them used to going from the basic step to the kicks on the floor before going on to the turnstep.

Combo 2: This one's pretty easy to start with, but I will slow down the transition from the Kick Straddles to the Diagonal and practice that for a bit. If the K-step is too tricky, they can march back 4 or do a single knee lift to the back.

Combo 3: ** When I have my class do the bag roll, I encourage them to bring their fists almost to the opposite elbow (so they are using more of the arm for a better workout!) For the slow squats, I'll encourage the high impact people to do a quick double hop between the right and left squats.

Hope you all like it! I got rave reviews with this one!!

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From: Rochester, Minnesota (USA)
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