Butt Rolls & Hit'ems

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My first and last addition to this wonderful site was back in 2/99...thus, it is time to come back and rejoin my fitness family! I hope you enjoy...

BUTT ROLLS...(I'm still trying to come up with a better name)--We all get into a push-up position and do 'football runs or quick feet' in place while still in this position on the floor. While doing the football runs I cue like this: "4, 3, 2, ROLL OVER!" We literally turn our whole body to the one side (right or left first...doesn't matter) and then we: "4, 3, 2, ROLL OVER!" to the other side.

No matter which side we "ROLL OVER" first we always land in the push-up/quick feet position again. It is not a difficult move to do as it is to explain it...I hope you can picture it!

HIT'ems...We're all standing up with feet shoulder width apart and doing football runs or quick feet in place. On my cue (I don't even know how many or when I'll say 'DROP IT or HIT IT') I'll say: "RUN...and then when I feel like it I'll cue them to DROP IT or HIT IT" thus, the class will drop down into a push-up position for a split second and then bring themselves up into the football stance from the beginning. (It's like doing a squat thrust but you'll be adding the football runs)

These moves may not be for everybody. In the athletic class that I teach there are mostly males that really want a challenging, kickbutt workout but nonetheless, I always break it down for those that do not want to "roll over or drop down."

I hope you enjoy and I can't wait to add more to this site and of course I can't wait to take some too!!

Please email me for any comments or questions.

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