4 enemies in a dark alley

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9449)

Hi, everyone,
I thought it was about time I submitted something even though it may be only small!

You need to create an imaginary scene of a dark night, and a dark alleyway. You are on your own and you start to hear footsteps. There are 4 men walking behind and they are after you! To save your life you must double jab the first three (1+2+3+4+5+6=right arm) and knock-out number 4(7+8=left arm). Enemy number 1 is quite small and doesn't take much punching, number 2 is a little bigger and needs a bit more effort, number 3 is about 6 foot and requires a hard hit, but number 4 is a beast! He needs every bit of energy you have got and not only that, he is standing a little bit further away so you have to leap to jab him.

So the pattern looks something like this:
Stand in horse stance, feet apart, knees bent, facing the front:

                        x    2  
                4            x  3
                x      XXXX     x

I create the scene and then ask my class to jab accordingly. If they don't hit hard enough on enemy 4 I scream at them! I also increase the speed of the music as they start to get tired. I realise that this is a very uncomplicated pattern, however it is very effective as repetitive muscular work for the shoulders and a large amount of aggression is lost in the studio!

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