Rhythm Rock (Sonia's Intermediate/Advanced #8)

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9459)

Hi Turnsteppers! Horizontal step, 32's, right lead, self-reversing.

Combo 1

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 2.

Combo 2

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 3.

Combo 3

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 4.

Combo 4

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 5.

Combo 5

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 6.

Combo 6

Repeat with a left lead or go to combo 7.

Combo 7

Repeat with a left lead or go back to combo 1.

Because my class is so mixed I always throw in some basic combos and try to have basic options for harder moves.

Combo 1:
On the L-steps: On counts 2 & 6 add a knee lift, on count 4 a side kick or knee lift.

Rhythm rock: Stomp right, walk left and right. Stomp left, walk right and left. Use the hips! Stay center or travel.

Combo 2:
Add some power for more oomph! The heel digs are up right, dig left heel on top, exit left and right. Repeat with left leading.

Combo 3:
Rock hop: Do as rocking horse, but on counts 5,6 you hop turn to the front side (step right, knee lift left and pivot forward over the step) exiting left and right. Repeat left lead to go back home.

My low impact people do the T-step while the high impacters do the I!

Boomerang: (1,2,3,4) turnstraddle, (5) step up right, (6) swing left leg backward to home, (7,8) left to floor, right to floor.

Combo 4:
Instead of over the tops some of my students do 2 knee lifts.

Spirals: (1,2) over the top, (3,4) turn in on the floor so lead side is still to step. Repeat to go home.

V-step cha cha cha: (1,2) up wide (3,4) cha cha cha on top (5,6) left out wide, right out wide still on top (7,8) exit left and right.

Easier options: 1 V-step, 1 V-step with tap down.

Combo 6:
Jack squat: (1,2) on floor jump out wide into squat position, (3,4) jump up and in.

Combo 7:
On hamcurls around the world keep turning so your lead is to the step.

Knee tap repeater: Simply a 3 knee repeater, but tap on top of the step wherever you want instead of on the floor. I do knee lift, tap out to narrow end, knee lift, tap near other foot, knee lift, off.

I hope you like this and can use it. Email any questions, comments or suggestions! I love to hear from you.

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