Paradise's twenty-sixth

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 9463)

Step is horizontal, 64 count advanced step combination, leading right, you all probably know most of the explanations, but I thought I'd post them anyway.

Now, you are ready to repeat this on your left lead, explanations below!!!


  1. 2 3 POINT TURNS: You are facing East here, and your feet are in a straddle position. Step up right and left,(1,2), just like a turnstep, step down right, then immediately step back up with left,(3,4), step up right, then step down left,(5,6). You would then proceed with the straddle march 2, right and left, which will finish off the 8 counts.
  2. SCISSOR OVER TOP: You are again in a straddle position facing East. Step up with right, swing left leg behind right, (1,2), and step down on South side of step with left, then with right, (3,4).
  3. 10 COUNT MAMBO: Do 2 chugs, (stomps), with left foot on step at East end, (1,2,3), walk walk right and left to other end and do 2 chugs, (stomps), with right foot on step at West end,(4,5,6,7,8). Walk walk left and right on floor to face Northeast,(9,10). You then would proceed to the 6 count mambo on the floor which is explained next...
  4. 6 COUNT MAMBO ON FLOOR: Mambo on the floor left right, and facing East,(1,2). Step on floor with left foot facing North, (3). Mambo on floor right and left, facing West,(4,5). Step on floor with right foot, (6). This will complete 16 counts when performed with the 10 count mambo. Thank you to Marcus Irwin!
  5. V-SLIDE SHUFFLE AROUND END: Step up wide in a V left and right,(1,2). Step down with left, but out to the East side of the step, then step beside left foot with right foot,(3,4). You then do a traveling shuffle, (or cha cha cha), 2 times, first facing East, then facing South, (5,6,7,8).
  6. FIGURE 8: Step up with left and lift the right knee while you turn toward the bent knee, (1,2). Walk walk towards Southwest with the right and left,(3,4). Step on floor with right foot, lift the left knee as you turn towards bent knee,(5,6). Walk walk towards Northeast back to step left and right,(7,8)
  7. KARATE KNEE: Step up left and lift the right knee,(1,2). Walk back 3 and karate kick with left leg,(3,4,5,6). Walk 2 back to step left and right, (7,8).

Enjoy, and feel free to email me if you can't understand my combo!!! Have a good week!


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From: Lee's Summit, Missouri (USA)
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