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This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 9467)

This is a double step "partner" pattern. Steps are set up horizontally.

               xxxxxx   xxxxxx
                Away     Home

Beginners will be facing front starting on HOME bench and advanced steppers will be facing the back of the room starting on the AWAY bench. For simplicity I will give you the beginners perspective

Combo 1

Repeat combo on left

Combo 2

Repeat combo on left

Combo 3

Repeat combo on left

Combo 4

Repeat combo on left

Combo 5

Repeat combo on left

Each combo is 32 counts and self-reversing (so do on the left as you did on the right !)You don't need to use partners but it's fun and challenging for advanced steppers. I suggest putting your BEST stepper at the BACK of the room on the AWAY bench so the other steppers on the AWAY benches can watch Him/Her.(remember He/She will be facing the back wall). You stay on the HOME bench up front.

*Grapevine to the right turn a 1/4 turn, grapevine to the left turn a 1/4 turn, grapevine to the right

**Don't exit on count 4 of your turnstep, do a double knee first then exit on counts 7/8

***Do a repeater knee but move it around the bench 1/4 turn on each lift of the knee (front, side, back) so now you are on the other side of your bench.

Good Luck & Have Fun!
Email me any questions you might have!

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