Wiggling with woggles 1

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9480)

Hello, this is my first submission of ideas, hope this is useful for everyone

This is for single woggle work

Tricep dips
Place woggle/noodle behind keeping woggle on top of the water elbows bent, knees bent, hip width apart. Push the woggle under the water till arms are almost straight slowly bring back up to surface rep as many as you like!

Chest press
Place woggle under surface of water and push away from you towards pool-side, slowly pull back feeling the resistance from the woggle. For more resistance tie the woggle into a knot.

Leg press
Ok depending on how much your participants want to show off or have a laugh depends on where they stan for this one!! Easier to stand holding the pool-side tie woggle into a knot place on foot way from pool-side push foot down straightening the knee slowly bend knee lifting foot. Harder not to hold on to any side (no balance though good laugh!!) WARNING!! the woggle will keep coming undone they can just hold onto the two ends

Side leg raise
Again woggle in knot, place on foot, holding onto pool-side. Start with feet together, slowly lift foot out to the side keeping knee soft when got as high as is comfortable without pulling body out of line slowly bring foot back (this is when they will really feel it!)

Inner thigh squeeze
Guess who woggle is?! yes in a knot still!! Place on foot closest to pool-side push foot across and in front of supporting leg squeezing the inner thigh and take back.

IMPORTANT don't let body twist hold posture, only leg moves.

VERY IMPORTANT to keep the woggle under the water at all times to gain the benefit of the resistance from the water!

Have a great time using these any poblems contact me


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