Short and Sweet...

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 9492)

This is one 32 count combination that is loads of fun and flows very smoothly. You can teach the simple version which sets you right up to make it fancy!

Start with the following:

*right lead turnstep 1,2
straddle down 3,4
right foot comes up on bench, left knee comes up 5,6
body turns back to face front as left knee brings you behind the bench to exit left, right 7,8

Now for the fun part you can change that to the following:

Repeat going left

* cut the corner (4)
you are on the mirror side, with back to bench
step touch with back to bench, angling in towards short end of bench
body turns in toward short end of bench and step touch facing the bench. kind of shaped like this > around short end right side or this < for left side
right leg is now ready to mambo, right leg is near step, you are facing back left corner of room

A tip for your class is to always mambo the leg closest to the bench when you are mamboing to the back corner

Another tip is to tell them always cut the corner in the direction of lead foot, ie lead right, cut the corner right

The great thing about this combination is that you can teach the first way and then cue the class for basic, mambo on bench while you do the walk over and cut the corner, then they can follow.

Hope I did not over-describe things!

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