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This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 9498)

This is not exactly a routine, just a few moves thrown together really! I told class that we were all going to be animals and that it was my zoo routine - ha yeah right!

What you would usually do e.g. jogging, squats, heel digs, side bends, figure of 8 arms, sweeping arms, kicks etc.

First we fly like Birds - Squat position with lateral raise
Next Pony jumps travelling forward and back a couple of times
Then my favourite move - Spotty dogs on spot
Lastly Farmer giles (associated with animals!)

Then they Bunny jumped to the sides to do flutter kicks and press-ups and Bunny jumped back to centre. Animals again...

This time Rocking horses - changing lead legs
Next Leaping frogs
Then Race horses - jogging in circle and jumping over "fence" when I shouted "Jump!"
Lastly we all became a Caterpillar - 1 behind the other doing alternate heel digs to the side to look like its many legs!

Yet again they Bunny jumped to sides to repeat flutter kicks and press-ups and back to the center.

Borrowed ideas from Turnstep folks and did following:-

Run away from partner - piston arms with 2 noodles

Swim away from partner - breaststroke arms with 1 noodle

Rock climbing - noodle to chest under arms, lay over it, reach and pull with 1 arm as you pull opposite knee to chest

Ab curls - Lay on back bringing knees in to chest

Scissor legs

Pony rides - sit on noodle and ride up and down pool

Chariot races - 1 person is the chariot with noodle around back and legs up, the other person is the horse and they hold the chariots ankles and jog with them around the pool


I couldn't think of any other Animml type moves but having seen the kind of routines submitted, am sure you will be able to make up your own e.g. snakes, gazelle (oh yes, gazelle leaps), crab walks etc...

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