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There are a lot of fun ways to get the class to be involved with teaching so they feel involved in the class. Here are a few ideas that my evening classes and early 5 a.m.ers seem to enjoy

Start from one end of the room and let each person choose the activity the class will do.(ie. jumps, seated hill, etc.) Each student chooses the activity and the entire class does that activity for 30 seconds. I do it two ways, if I only have a few minutes left than each person gets to be in charge only once while we go around the room. Otherwise you have the first person go and then the second person. Then have the first, second, third person go again. Then have the first through the fourth person go. Go all the way through each student and you could use a lot of time with a lot of variety if they choose a good mixture of things.

Race loops: I have classes of 12 students and I put them in groups of three people they are sitting next to. Each of the three people choose one thing they would like to do. Those three people do those three things (They do what the first person chose, the second, etc. together for 60 seconds each. I have them do 3 loops.(9 minutes)

Then you can have the groups change their three activities with another group of three. So you can have them do several sets of three race loopp.(an entire class)

The birthday game: Ask the group who has a fall birthday. Each person with a birthday gets to choose an activity for the entire group to do(sprint, jog,etc) You have them repeat the fall birthday group of drills 3-4 times for 60 seconds each, then move to winter, spring, summer etc. Some groups will be big and soem will be small, that makes it fun!

Interval work. Each number represents the length of time you do the following activities.
Seated hill, standing hill, recovery or flat
10 seconds, 10 seconds, 10 seconds
20, 20, 20
30, 30, 30,
45, 45, 45
60, 60, 60
90, 90, 90

Then do recovery first then standing hill, seated hill
90, 90, 90
60, 60, 60
45, 45, 45
30, 30, 30
20, 20, 20
10, 10, 10

Good for endurance

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