Hardcore booty

This is a Funk pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9505)

This is one of my favorite combos to do. Make sure you have a fun and open minded group of people to do this. It is alot of old school booty coreography, so the older crowds might be offended, but I teach this class to all age groups and it's a nice change, killer workout and alot of fun.

* One quick tip, the music really makes this combo!

* I use a tape I had meade from a dj, with old songs, like rodeo, booty bounce, all booty dance songs, great beat, again open minded class!!!!

Any questions or comments email me. This a fun combo my classes love it. Hope you all enjoy!

* The strut moves to the right almost like a grapevine (which I use for modifications if they can't get the strut)- step right, left foot crooses over, step right, then left foot steps back to "drop back" to turn and face the opposite direction.

* The slide is not the aerobic slide, it's like a step touch but with more of a groove turn on it with hands in the air swaying side to side.-for you dancers it what you do in the clubs.

* Shoulder hits consist of two hits to the right, two hits to the left, then pull shoulder blades back and together in the same double format, to both sides.

* Pumps are a squat right with body thrust, and then once more to the same side with body pumps, then bring it back to the other side in the same format. (I usually break it down from two squats, side to side, they are at slow tempo)

* Last funky legs is chicken legs, but walk them on your toes and move them one side for 4, then the other side for 4.

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