Summer Vacation

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I'm a new aqua teacher but have been taking water for 11 years. In this third class I got rave reviews. Both beginners and advanced loved it. Thanks to "Blizzard" for the narrative theme. I hope you can use this idea.

You are going to Mackinaw Island for a summer vacation. As you travel, you'll be asked to do various physical moves that coordinate to your adventure. Have fun!

Get in the car and drive (jog), now you're on the expressway (faster jog), back off expressway (slower jog)

Interval work: Teacher picks one move to do intervals of 15 seconds work, 15 seconds recovery; 30 seconds work, 30 seconds recovery; 45 work, 45 seconds recovery

Stop at the ballpark in Chicago for an afternoon game and try to catch a foul ball (tuck jump, throw one person a ball and have each jump at least three times with the ball and then pass it)

After the game it's getting cool so change clothes (legs wide, touch inside heel and take off shoes; then kick and change pants; arms out to the side, crab walk and put on a sweater)

Take a ferry to the island, you're seated backwards (jog backwards)

Interval work again

Take the steps to your room (high knee lift)

Go water skiing (ski)

Change quickly (repeat changing clothes)

Go down and ride bikes (suspended or belts, noodles)

Take a swim (suspended or belts, noodles, swim stroke of their choice for at least two laps)

Go down to the fitness room after dinner (weights)

Head back to your room for a good night's sleep (stretch)

You can change where you go each time to include the beach, a national park. . . and then change a few of the moves. You could add horseback riding (rocking horse), tennis (mix up quick jog forward, backwards, and to the sides). . . as activities. Try to personalize at least one move to a regular in class. The stop at the ballpark was dedicated to a student's hobby of visiting ballparks all around the country. Throw in fun comments. For example, I told them right after weights that they had to find their own way home.

I also like to give tips regarding rehab/injury, which muscles they're using and just general information about fitness, as the class is in progress. Even the advanced students seem to appreciate the reinforcement.

Questions/comments? Please email me.

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