Making Love

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I got this idea from someone who posted here, so if you are reading this, THANKYOU!! The move is quite simple, it is for the abs, and all participants need to do is, quite simply, draw a love heart with their toes! I start by introducing the move quite early on, callin it "makin' luuurve". This is usually at the start of the class after the warmup. I get them to do it at first to a count of 4. Them after they have tried other stuff, I slow it down to a count of 8. Basically the toes are together, with legs straight, close to the bottom of the pool, You gradually draw a heart shape through the water, with the top of the heart breaking the surface, and back down to the start. Sounds pretty easy, huh?? My class thought so too, at first. They were at the side for support. I then increased it by having them try it suspended with noodles, or kickboards, then with nothing!! This was in between sets of "other stuff". I called this one "making love", because I would have the class doing anything, eg.cross country ski, then I would yell, "Everybody Make Luuurve", and they would do it, no matter where they were!! It's a great ab workout, and helps to breakup the class as well. I also use other moves as well, such as facing directions, N, S, E, W, and giving each a name.. cross country, knees up, white water, frog jump. Then you throw in "Make Luurve!", and they crack up!!

I hope that someone gets some use out of this, I really enjoy it and so does the class, thanks again to the original heart poster!!!

Ree in Oz!!

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From: Adelaide, South Australia (Australia)
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