Noodles For Legs

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This is a great leg workout. It can be done in shallow or deep water, although I believe my class gets a better workout in deep water. The idea is to step on the noodle with one foot and push it towards the bottom of the pool, but don't let it touch. The other leg is bent. Now using your foot, push the noodle up and down towards the bottom of the pool without touching. No hanging onto the noodle with your hands. Your legs should be doing all the work. Switch legs and repeat. Then put both feet on the noodle and do the same move. Be sure to remind your class to keep their backs straight. In the deep water I have my class use the full range of motion. The foot that's on the noodle pushes straight down towards the bottom of the pool until the leg is completely straight and then bring it back up. The other leg remains straight. I do intervals with this move by switching from "tempo" (10 seconds) to "speed it up" (20 seconds). I find this move also works the glutes!

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