Lethal Leslie #11

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9548)

Just regular horizontal step.

I did this in my Saturday morning advanced step class. I've had to change the way I've been teaching my advanced step lately because I have heel spurs and can't do step on two risers right now. So I do one combo and then I do an interval etc etc... I just find I get more of a work out this way and it's also give the participants a brain break in between combos.

Combo #1

Break - shuffle toe taps - double time toe taps on the step while moving the arms - do in a pyramid interval. First interval is 30 seconds with a 15 second rest (rest is heel digs low on the step). Second interval 45 seconds., 20 second rest. Third interval is 1 minute with 30 second rest. Then go back to 45 seconds. and 30 seconds.

Combo #2

Break - start by doing one knee on short end, over one, one knee, over one. Take out the knees and just go over and back. Level one, you leave the trailing leg heel on the step. Level two change the heel to a knee lift. Level three change the knee to a kick. Not necessarily a karate kick, just a kick

Combo #3

* Step up on step left-right (1,2) (left foot at left corner and right foot at right corner), squat down up down (3,4,5), when you come up again on count 6 you scoot towards right end and kick the right leg out at same time, step down right-left (7,8) you are now facing the step.

Cross - is the opposite of a weave or scissor - instead of kick the trail leg behind you, you kick it in front of you.

Break - left knee off end, over 2, left knee back - keep repeating this pattern - this is level one - level two you add power to the knees - level 3 you add a lunge back with the trail leg from the over

Combo #4

* A regular 6 point turn but on the walk you can either back up the walk to the end of the step, or you can walk around yourself to get to the end, over your shoulder.

**Repeater knee kick knee - I got this from this web site. Sorry I don't remember who. But thanks. Right foot on end of step, left knee up, left foot on top of step, right kicks to side, right foot back on step, left knee and exit left/right.

Break - any type of interval you want

If you have any questions please email me. I did a couple more combos but I'm going to save them for another time. If I have forgotten to explain anything please feel free to email me.

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