A Crunch-y Routine

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9554)

Once again, I've been inspired by the many wonderful posts on this site, as well as a Crunch step video. I've used this routine at 2 different gyms, and everyone seems to really enjoy it.

*Single knee lift, walk back 3 steps, kick, walk back to bench. This puts you back on the same foot.

**I first cue the jump shot and then the soccer kick as corner taps, then add some intensity.

***Got this from Crunch. You step up with right foot and reach off to the left side of the bench with your left foot. If you can, actually tap the floor to the side, and then bring the left foot back to step down. Then the right steps down. You are now on the left foot. I first teach this by simply tapping on the bench, then show them how to increase the intensity by reaching further. (I really hope this is clear, feel free to email me with any questions.)

****Same Crunch video. Step up with the right foot, kick with the left, place the right heel on the bench. Then you step back with the right foot to do the triple glutes.

*****The rockinghorse, squat and triple knee are all done with the same lead foot.

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