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Hi! I'm a new teacher to aqua and love it! A couple of things I have tried in working with the current I thought I'd share.

1. Have people line up at the wall. number them 1's and 2's. When I tell them to go, the 1's run as fast as they can to the rope then run backward. As they start backward, the 2's go forward. will end up in complete mayhem as some run faster than others for various reasons. But oh do they make waves!!! They seemed to really like this.

2. I have also divied the group up and had two groups face each other. I have them run toward each other then backward away from each other. This one some liked but others didn't feel like they got any more out of it than normal. I think it is because they were more shallow. Our pool starts at 4'6" and slopes to 5'0 then back up to 4'6" gradually. So those moving deep to shallow of course got more. Those who stayed in the 4'6" not as much.

I recently borrowed some books from the library for ideas. In one book I learned a few facts that I try to keep in mind when putting my class together.

a. 32 reps of a move is all it takes to tone muscle. For example biceps...elbows glued to side, hands cupped....pulse up and down quickly....4 sets of 8. Do that a few times...they should feel it.

b. Any time long lever arms come down through the water, it forces the abs to work harder.

c. Going backward burns more calories than going forward. The aqua book didn't say how many, but more.

Hope this spurs some thoughts for all of you who are sooo creative!!! Glad we have this network! Good luck to you all!
Sincerely, Leslie Schmitz

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From: Olathe, Kansas (USA)
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